Family Healing Therapy

My work is focused on finding ways to improve quality of life for individuals. I actively work with children, families, couples and adults in helping to support healthier family functioning whether it be in your relationship with your spouse, supporting child/adolescent development and/or academic difficulties, conquering depression or adult ADHD and helping clients to overcome childhood difficulties that continue to create problems in the present.

Teresa Green therapist office

Why consult a Psychotherapist?

Therapy is the Art and Science (yes Science!) of assisting others to explore conscious and unconscious attitudes and behaviors that interfere with daily living and optimal functioning. In plain terms this means that something is getting in the way of the happy life that you envision for yourself or someone that you love. It could be that you are struggling to manage a difficult child, living in a marriage that is unsatisfying, struggling with ways to manage Anxiety or Depression or watching a child wrestle with Academic or Self-Esteem issues. In these situations, and many more, therapy has been proven to resolve problems and to increase happiness and life satisfaction levels.

What the experts say

"Psychotherapy as a healing practice and professional service is effective and highly cost efficient. In controlled trials and in clinical practice, psychotherapy results in benefits that markedly exceed those who need services but do not receive therapy. Psychotherapy (is an) evidence based practice. "
-  American Psychological Association, 2012

"Research about the effectiveness of counseling indicate that counseling does, in fact, work for a wide range of psychological issues.  Distress measurements both subjective and objective indicate that counseling and psychotherapy are effective both in short term and over longer periods of time."
-  Dr. Greg Mulhauser, Counseling Resource


School:  Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore MD
Degree:  Master of Science in Clinical and Community Counseling
License No. and State: LC3909 Maryland